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Jul 20 2017
Choosing the right API might be a hassle. We provide you a descriptive comparison of the most popular API services - Twilio vs. Nexmo, presenting their main features, SMS and Voice Calls pricing, and our personal opinion on what is more comfortable in the process of development.
Jul 18 2017
Information Technology is reshaping healthcare delivery systems, while simultaneously attracting investments to expand mHealth as a sector.
Jul 13 2017
The main benefits of mobile app development for restaurants are brought to entrepreneurs in this article, while also providing necessary requirements and successful app examples.
Jun 28 2017
The article will unfold the information about medical mobile development, its benefits and shortcomings. The strategic planning of IT penetration into healthcare organizations is also touched upon.
Jun 21 2017
Everything you have to know about the new App Store Design.
Jun 14 2017
We've highlighted a number of problems which Android developers face when it comes to Chinese handsets.