4 year anniversary!
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Anna Chebanova
Media manager
Feb 26 2015

4 year anniversary!

This year was one of the most arduous, replete with changes and innovations.
SteelKiwi moved to new cities: Odessa and Vinnitsya, hired 18 new employers from different Ukrainian regions, opened new AngularJS department,worked on more than 60 projects. On daily basis we’re working on 10+ projects.
We’ve spent more than 70000 hours working on customers projects this year.

We are proud that 33% of clients back to us this year to fulfil their ideas, and we are very thankful for their trust.

In the nearest future we are going to expand mobile development department and to work on our own projects.

Despite all the changes, we always eager to develop and improve. SteelKiwi’s Birthday party let us to feel again unity of company interests.


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