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Oct 14 2016
“Why do I need Product requirements document if I just want to analogue application or this site???” is the most frequently asked question. So let’s look closer at the reasons why we need this document and what should it contain.
Oct 12 2016
To create a high-quality product developers need a document describing all the requirements. In given article we talk about the types of requirements and why they are so essential today.
Oct 03 2016
How much does it cost to build one of the most popular programs - Instagram? We'll show it to you in the form of infographic, consider similar successful projects and try to inspire you to create your own.
Sep 12 2016
Often automation testing is considered as over cost for developing product, but it can actually save you money and decrease time spent on manual testing. Automation testing is more reliable, faster and helps to detect defects in functionality impacted by changes immediately after every implemented feature.
Sep 07 2016
Nowadays the speed of mobile application is critical component of application’s quality. It affects the user experience and extremely important in the modern media and digital world. So in this article you can find several reasons to load your native mobile application and check it’s time of responding of requests.
Sep 01 2016
Considering the significant increase in active mobile application users all over the world, it is important to understand whether your application is ready for popularity or not? How will it behave, if its number of users increases in 10 - 100 times? Money, that you have spent on its design and developing will be wasted, if the application can not be used by a lot of active users simultaneously and if it crashes every time, when the number of users grows up. To determine the critical changes in mobile application's behavior when the amount of active users increases - this is a task of performance and load testing.