Eurogates has joined forces with SteelKiwi
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Feb 16 2015

Eurogates has joined forces with SteelKiwi

SteelKiwi has joined the Eurogates team, a Dutch company dedicated to helping international students live and study in the Netherlands. We will develop and reconstruct their website, with its backend development now on our domain. We will modernise the site, make it faster and more convenient for visitors, and adapt it for mobile devices.

We will also be working on the website’s promotion by doing the following:

  • search engine optimization;
  • social media marketing;
  • traffic attraction, analysis, and management (organic and paid);
  • lead collection;
  • implementation of fresh informational formats (online and offline);
  • adding high-quality content sections;
  • development of new services and possibilities for the site’s clients;
  • global expansion of the Eurogates brand by targeting new countries and regions.

Our cooperation will substantially improve the overall quality of the Eurogates website and will enable it to advance to the next level of growth and development.

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