Happy Halloween!
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Anna Chebanova
Media manager
Nov 04 2015

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most contradicting holidays, which possesses different meanings and traditions. They say, witches ride their brooms, devils run the show, ghosts and house-spirits give no rest on this night… But we believe in a legend, according to which all the paraphernalia, masks, fancy-dress costumes, gloomy decorations of our office lit by candles scare troubles, misfortune and evil spirits away, and at the same time attract customers and new interesting projects :)

Despite various interpretations of this holiday, Halloween is always accompanied by magic, mystery and superstition. Year after year on the night of 1 November, the border between the worlds of dead and alive is blurred. The door of our office turns into the entrance for mystical creatures, who returned to the Earth: zombies, ghosts, monsters, vampires - they gather in the restroom of our comfortable office!

To the sound of organ music we started our exorcism scene: we drank bloody cocktails, ate jelly worms after, played brain-rink, board games, held competitions, tried Harry Potter’s Magic Beans, ritual dancing, and, of course, the Beer Pong battle didn’t pass our company by.

This year a newbie joined our mystical celebration (DevOps Jr.;)

There were also prizes for the most horrible and frightening costume: pumpkin stuffed with candies and bonuses from scary managers.


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