ITStrike - the ultimate bowling championship
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Anna Chebanova
Media manager
Sep 10 2015

ITStrike - the ultimate bowling championship

The 2nd Bowling Tournament has been held in Odessa.  We were honoured to fight along with 7 strongest teams for the main trophy.

The hot battle was accompanied by laughter, jokes, excitement, cheers and worries. Being a fascinating game and an amazing entertaining activity bowling has a great power to unite people.

While playing, we managed to meet many interesting and even discussed some professional problems, shared some ideas and advice. During the whole tournament the emulative spirit combined with friendly atmosphere. Eventually, we took 2 marksmanship prizes thanks to our Natasha Linda, QA and Evgeny Getmansky, python team lead.

We are looking forward to participating in the next tournament, as this is a nice way to enjoy ourselves, meet new people and feel bursting with vital energy.  Meanwhile, we are going to train! 

More photos at Facebook. Dont miss!

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