Kiwi’s from Donetsk, Ukraine
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Founder and CTO
Anton Baterikov
Founder and CTO
Founder and managing director
Viacheslav Ponomarov
Founder and managing director
Feb 14 2011

Kiwi’s from Donetsk, Ukraine

The idea to found SteelKiwi Development was born one winter evening in Donetsk pizzeria, Ukraine. 14 February 2011 the first office was opened.

Web development using python / django was chosen as the main direction of work. This technology stack allows successfully implement complex and sufficient projects, however, to be apart from the hundreds of competing companies involved in PHP development.

The basic principle, which became the foundation for the company development, was the desire to bring every project to the completion, no matter how smooth the process of development was. We are guided by this principle so far :)


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