Lviv Project Management Day.
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Head of project management department
Julia Titova
Head of project management department
Jul 07 2015

Lviv Project Management Day.

Lviv Project Management Day 2015 Spring held on May 30th. More than 350 participants arrived to this event, among them there were 3 of us.

There were many speakers so the work took place in three sections at the same time. All of them were divided by the level of complexity of the issues raised: "Getting Started" for beginners, "Professional PMs" for experienced staff and "Agile" for the most sophisticated.

Speakers raised the most important and sometimes painful issues for any company that deals with development. We actively participated in the discussion of these issues, shared our experience and tried to find out how companies with similar problems  solve them.

Of course, we understand that the "silver bullet" of all the problems does not exist, as well as the single most correct methodology of project management. However, we managed to capture some interesting ideas that we are planning to use in the near future. Of particular interest there was a report "Smart approach to initiate the project"  about the preparation of comprehensive documentation for the project. "Effective planning of big tasks". Cognitive was discussion at the round table dedicated to the implementation and optimization of Agile teams.

It may seem that for really experienced project managers such events  are useless. We always try not to concentrate on the universal truth, and focus on issues close to us, to find solutions and to listen to the experience of other teams. This approach allows us to evolve, to make our service better, and to have satisfied both: customers and developers.


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