Meteor digest. April
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May 12 2016

Meteor digest. April


Meteor platform’s new version has been announced. Some bugs have been fixed and NPM integration is now improved.

Meteor Roadmap

Roadmap has been added to MeteorJS official repository.

React Native Meteor Accounts — Spencer Carli

Spencer Carli has published first two posts from a series of materials on topic “React Native Meteor Accounts”. He describes the process of React Native Meteor application’s integration with OAuth.

Meteor & Webpack

A set of packages for working with Webpack has been published. The packages’ authors have created a week course how to work with Webpack in Meteor.

Transmission - Ep 11: Apollo, React Native, and the future of Meteor

A new Transmission episode has been released. The new episode speaks about Apollo and React Native stacks as well as about MeteorJS platform’s future.

Blaze Modules

Modularity support has been added for Blaze components. Using such technology can solve the problem of names’ conflict, optimize the app’s structure and improve the opportunity of a Blaze components repeated use.

Astronomy 2.0

A new version of Astronomy package has been released.

Apollo Technical Preview

Apollo stack’s first technical preview has been announced. The project itself, examples of use and technical documentation are available on Github.

Crater Podcast #100

The 100th edition of Carter podcast has been published.

Build Beautiful Interfaces Faster — Dominic Nguyen and Zhenya Savchenko

Dominic Nguyen and Zhenya Savchenko told in their report how to develop a handy and smart interface on Meteor with the help of component approach, Cromatic components explorer and Galaxy.

NPM and Testing in Meteor 1.3 — Zoltan Olah

Zoltan Olah in his report told about his work with NPM and testing in new MeteorJS version.

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