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Oct 10 2016

Meteor digest. August

Announcing Meteor 1.4.1

A new version of Meteor platform has been released. Node JS 4.5.0 is used in a new version, packages loading is accelerated, packages publication process is improved.

More Speed and Insights for App Deployments on Galaxy

Changping Chen tells about his working experience with Meteor Galaxy service. He describes functional opportunities and principle of work of Galaxy.

Extract blaze from core packages

Meteor developers took Blaze library out of Meteor core limits. It must serve to improve the support of Blaze open-source community.

Meteor in front, Phoenix in back

Pete Corey described the process of Meteor platform integration with Phoenix Framework on a concrete example. There is also an article-continuation.

The State Of JavaScript: Front-End Frameworks

Sacha Greif published preliminary results of The state of JavaScript poll, where more than 3000 developers described their vision of JavaScript, its benefits and shortcomings.

Crater Podcast #111 - The State of Javascript

A new Crater podcast is about The State Of JavaScript poll, crater.io 3, tutorial on React Native and about active discussions at MeteorJS forum.

How to write asynchronous code in JavaScript (and Meteor)

Aryan Goharzad thoroughly considers the majority of aspects of asynchronous code on JavaScript and in particular with the use of Meteor platform.

An Introduction to the Apollo Stack for the Uninitiated

JD Angerhofer published an article with a detailed review of Apollo and GraphQL.

All you need to know about GraphQL.js 0.7

Jones Helfer describes the changes in GraphQL 0.7.

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