New service for ebooks distribution with DRM protection.
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Jun 08 2015

New service for ebooks distribution with DRM protection.

EditionGuard is a service for ebooks distribution with DRM protection. Web application is created for those users who want to sell their publications through the Internet and not to worry about illegal spreading of their works.
We  were doing fronted side based on provided design and reworked logics from php to Python.

Users can publish their works in .pdf and .epub formats. Besides, EditionGuard provides API, that helps to embed ebooks selling on your web site.

To secure users data we use Adobe Content Server. ACS is one of the most usable tools to manage, protect and published content, to protect and to get statistics about published content.

EditionGuard is a perfect service for talented independent authors who want transparently publish their works and to get reward.
Check here:

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