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Jan 05 2017
Implementing websocket server into Django project using aiohttp and redis PUB/SUB.
Nov 29 2016
Create a project template with Vagrant, VirtualEnv and Ansible provisioner. And why is it necessary?
Nov 04 2016
Review of push notifications services and their functions. Read how to use push notifications effectively and make your app user-friendly in our article!
Sep 29 2016
This article will tell you why you need to keep Changelog. The history of the changelog management process on the example of python / django project using git instruments.
Aug 01 2016
Brief outline of the advantages of Python as a coding language and why we choose to work with Django, what we consider to be the best web framework for your project.
Jul 14 2016
This repo contains examples from article Emacs configuration for working with Python. It collects information for creating a usable Python programming environment in Emacs. Emacs already has out-of-the-box Python support via ‘python-mode’. The settings contained in this repo can be used to set up a more complete environment quickly.