Secret Santa
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Anna Chebanova
Media manager
Dec 29 2015

Secret Santa

On the eve of New Year holidays both our offices were involved in the game called Secret Santa. The objective of the game was that the participants gathered together and put the notes with each other’s names into the lot cap. Everybody drew lots and was to prepare a surprise for the person whose name was written in the note. But the participants were not to say whose name they had drawn and, therefore, secrecy brought the art of gifting to the new level. 

As soon as all the surprises were under the New Year tree we started unpacking them. There were various gifts such as Lego, sets for building of board volcanos, slapsticks, sweets, little robots, traditional glass baubles and many others. 
The atmosphere of the holiday, generosity and high spirit spread throughout Odessa and Vinnitsa offices.  

Happy holidays!

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