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Anna Chebanova
Media manager
Apr 19 2016

SMM Rocks!

We have recently attended one of the biggest SMM conferences in Ukraine with 250 listeners and 19 speakers from large companies, including digital agencies’ managers.

our participant at the conference

Our impressions about the event: it was both interesting and useful. Speakers shared some inside work information, showed examples of successful and less successful world brands’ cases, thought some lifehacks, marketing subtleties and, of course, everybody had a good laugh.

General view

We discussed the trends and how to remain at the top, touched upon modern consumers and their preferences. Content as such was also mentioned, and it was made clear that only original and high-quality self-made ones with an accent on video and animation are viable and have good conversion in up to date context. It is interesting to share your experience, to make an appearance in professional circle outside formal atmosphere.

What was missing is a bit of fresh air - after 7-8 hours a spacious hall turned to a tiny room :)

But, in general, a big thank you to organizers for responsiveness and care, trendy speakers and tasty snacks! See you :)

General view from the dining room

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