The two-day adventure.
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Anna Chebanova
Media manager
Jun 26 2015

The two-day adventure.

Over the weekend, we decided to diversify our usual office view and to do water rafting on the Southern Bug.
According to the instructors, no special physical training is required and we can easily sail three hours the river, overcoming water rapids. Inspired we gathered at the start point, let down the catamarans on the water and started paddle... Of course, instead of the three hours we paddled five, our catamaran circled around, sailed zigzags and stuck on the rapids. There were corns on our hands and terrible back ache after sudden physical exertion.

In the afternoon tired but happy we arrived at a halt, lit a fire and began to cook. After five hours of paddling, food on the fire seemed the most exquisite delicacy :)

We pitched the tent, sat around the fire and sang songs with a guitar. Other tourists joined us and we had great time singing, sharing experiences and telling stories about the day.

The next morning we cooked breakfast, plunged into refreshing river, listened to the birds singing, collected strawberries and drank water from a spring, enjoying natural beauty.

But we had a long way back, but at this time, taking into account previous mistakes, our catamarans went smoothly and quickly.

The nature that we saw those days was adorable: the river overhanging trees, bushes, driftwood water lilies and even flock of geese swimming, we saw a small waterfall and the old mill of Count Potocki, which has been preserved since 1951.

Having arrived to finish overwhelmed by feelings and emotions, we started planning the next rafting!

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