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Market researcher
Aug 31 2016

Viacheslav Ponomarov's interview for Topappcreators

Viacheslav Ponomarov, Managing Director of SteelKiwi Inc., has been interviewed by topappcreators.com. He speaks about the company, advantages of mobile business adapting, software and tools we use for apps development.

He also shares his thoughts about Pokemon Go phenomenon and the effect of Augmented Reality apps on the future of mobile industry. Viacheslav says:

In my opinion, Augmented Reality apps are not the future, definitely not the entire one, it cannot cover and capture all spheres. It would be popular in the games industry, it might get fans in educational apps and e-commerce domain, maybe in applications that are related to video and photography. Putting this another way, Augmented Reality apps will get the entertainment niche and a piece of pie in the education field.

Viacheslav explains why most businesses prefer iOS app development despite Android's market leadership, and more interesting information.

Read the full interview on topappcreators.com

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