One of our clients is a medical care centre NovaVita. The company was doing a great job providing high-quality medical treatment, various analysis spectrum, diagnostics and curing patients. The weak point was a bad presentation and image that the centre had in digital world. To regenerate NovaVita’s positioning, we suggested developing presentable professional website that could implement different functions and services within it, plus have a touchy interface at the same time.

Here are some of the functions/features that were developed according to NovaVita requirements and needs.

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document flow


The company had simple paper documentation flow. There were special administrative staff that was dealing with doctors’ working schedule and were registering patients, accepting the inquiries via phone calls, controlling periodic clinic’s visits and passing annual medical examination that are provided by legislation. Sometimes there were force-majeure situations with doctors’ working schedule and diagnostics cabinets.


We’ve developed electronic documentation flow system, all patients data was transferred into digital format, all diseases histories were standardized and digitized to make the working process easier and more convenient. Our team has also created a special information access levels system for various medical personnel. “Operating schedule” for doctors and diagnostics cabinets has also been automated.

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personal account

Each patient now can be registered into clinics via website. Such personal account allows keeping in one place all appointments with a doctor, saving and checking the history of visits, analysis storage, etc. There is no need for a patient to take all that information in mind and bring lots of paper, prescriptions, various blanks at the doctor’s appointment. He always has it all available, stored and classified in his own personal account.

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remote consultation

Keep in touch with your doctor in charge

In case there is no possibility for a patient to have a real face-to-face appointment with his doctor in charge, chat is the best solution. With the help of online chat he can ask any question and get a consultation that will save time and have the same quality service as an actual appointment.

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All documentation flow is electronic

No need to store all little notes, analysis, prescriptions, releases, etc. All patient’s medical data is automatically classified and stored to his personal account. Medical support staff helps with all the details and updates, visit requests, etc.

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Choose the doctor you like

All information regarding education, professional skills, work experience, achieved certificates about each doctor who is working in NovaVita can be viewed on clinic’s site. Each health care consumer can also read the comments from other patients about certain specialist and make his own choice.

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novavita apps

Novavita iOS and Android apps bring new possibilities to patiants. Notifications will keep a patient informed about all the latest updates in clinics, send personal remindings about visits, analisis time, etc.No need to worry, call to clinic, wait in line, etc. Apps will help patients save their time and operate with data more effectively.

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With the help of transferring all paper documentation flow into digital format plus creating special system for storing, classifying and operating patient's personal data, developing operating schedule work technique, providing backup support, etc we’ve managed to unload the clinic’s workflow, make it more simple, secure, effective and less time and labour force consuming.

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