In our eleven years on the market, we’ve helped clients turn their Proof of Concept (PoC) into a step-by-step development process. For this, we used different types of client collaboration. Often, the choice of collaboration model depends on the level of detail included in the project requirements: Is this just an idea for the project in your head? Or specifications to the last detail?

Steelkiwi engagement models

With us, you can extend your in-house development team or build a dedicated team from the ground up. Choose which model is right for you. 

Outsourcing Outstaffing 

Delegate all software development responsibilities to Steelkiwi.


Add individual Steelkiwi specialists to your in-house team to complete a set scope of work. Meanwhile, Steelkiwi will take care of the office, equipment, employment taxes and payroll, and other administrative tasks.

Differences between outsourcing and outstaffing

Market & user researchSteelkiwi/SharedYou
Product requirementsSteelkiwi/SharedYou
Software risk managementSteelkiwiYou
Scoping & team capacity managementSteelkiwiYou
Office and IT infrastructure managementSteelkiwiSteelkiwi
Human resources management and employee quality assessmentSteelkiwiSteelkiwi
Not sure what engagement model you need?

Let us review your business objectives, strategy, and capabilities to come up with the right solution.

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Our pricing models

We believe there’s no universal truth on which pricing model is better. Much depends on the project context.


Steelkiwi charges you only for time spent on the project at regular intervals (e.x. weekly bi-weekly, or monthly)

Works best for medium to large projects with dynamic requirements and not-fully specified scope and variable workload

Steelkiwi charges you a fixed amount every month, making the monthly/yearly budget 100% predictable.

Works best for large projects with an outstaffing model when requirement management and project management are performed on the customer side.

Our industry focus

In our 11 years on the market, we’ve gained technical and business expertise in developing and maintaining software across different industry domains.

HealthcareFinTechOn-demand servicesRestaurants
Education & eLearningLogisticsRegTechTravel


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