Digital innovation is the process of updating your business practices with new technologies and methodologies. Far more than a fad, digital innovation is an essential strategy.

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies were already engaging in DT en masse. Nevertheless, there's no doubt that the ongoing pandemic has kicked DT into high gear. If you're not ready to engage in DT, you may well find competitors stealing your thunder. Though DT requires a healthy initial investment, it can significantly reduce your operating expenses. Thanks to the pandemic, cost-cutting is the order of the day in most industries. DT is one way you can maintain a strict budget without doing too many lay-offs.

The Remote Working Revolution

The growth of remote working is likely the most important digital transformation trend for 2021. In a very short time, telecommuting spread throughout an incredible array of industries. If you're not allowing your staff to work remotely, you're putting your staff retention at risk. Fortunately, Silicon Valley is producing plenty of outstanding new remote working software. With the best remote working tools, you can easily integrate remote workers with in-office staff members. Make sure your remote workers feel properly appreciated and heard. Though it may take some extra effort on your part, stay connected with your remote workers. Remember your remote workers when weighing promotions. If all of your team members feel included, you're more likely to achieve a high level of productivity.

Interactive Elements In Web Design

More interactive Web design is one of the most salient features of modern DT. About ten years ago, Web design experts developed a laser-like focus on simplicity in Web design. At the time, this was necessary to make sites faster. Because of 5G, interactive design is more practical than ever before. You can use animation and video backgrounds without substantially slowing down your site. It also helps that modern smartphones and mobile devices are increasingly powerful. These days, Web designers have moved beyond myopically focusing on usability. While usability remains crucial, designers are rediscovering the importance of engaging visual design.

The Growing Use of Video

There can be no doubt that video is gaining new importance in the field of commercial Web design. If executed tastefully, a full-motion video background can encourage visitors to more fully engage with your site. While autoplay is fine, make sure autoplaying videos are muted by default. According to researchers, people retain information more readily when it is presented in video form.

The Rise of Virtual Events

Naturally, the events industry suffered over the course of the pandemic. However, many companies have adapted by shifting towards digital events. Though online events may take some getting used to, they can provide employees with fun, effective and informative experiences. While you should take advantage of virtual events, don't feel the need to maintain the same busy events schedule you might have had in the past.