Halloween is one of the most contradicting holidays, which possesses different meanings and traditions. They say, witches ride their brooms, devils run the show, ghosts and house-spirits give no rest on this night… But we believe in a legend, according to which all the paraphernalia, masks, fancy-dress costumes, gloomy decorations of our office lit by candles scare troubles, misfortune and evil spirits away, and at the same time attract customers and new interesting projects :)

Despite various interpretations of this holiday, Halloween is always accompanied by magic, mystery and superstition. Year after year on the night of 1 November, the border between the worlds of dead and alive is blurred. The door of our office turns into the entrance for mystical creatures, who returned to the Earth: zombies, ghosts, monsters, vampires - they gather in the restroom of our comfortable office!

To the sound of organ music we started our exorcism scene: we drank bloody cocktails, ate jelly worms after, played brain-rink, board games, held competitions, tried Harry Potter’s Magic Beans, ritual dancing, and, of course, the Beer Pong battle didn’t pass our company by.

This year a newbie joined our mystical celebration (DevOps Jr.;)

There were also prizes for the most horrible and frightening costume: pumpkin stuffed with candies and bonuses from scary managers.