Money is always a sensitive subject in B2B buyer–supplier relationships. But we don’t skip money questions, however inconvenient and hard they are. At Steelkiwi, we believe it’s your right to know where your money goes and to understand how we bill you. 

Below, we talk about how we bill and invoice. Discover our billing formula, practices, and invoice design.

Our billing formula

How do we calculate the cost for our services? 

Short answer: Task cost = Hours worked × Hourly service price

Long answer: You pay for the time it takes us to research and plan, develop, and maintain your product. Every project is unique, which is why we discuss the budget openly and up front. We agree on project deliverables, the development team, and deadlines.

Billing practices we use

How much do we bill? When do we bill? Learn this and more below.

  1. To bring clarity and prevent any misunderstanding regarding invoices, we agree on payment terms before starting on any work. We discuss everything from when payments are expected to how much we charge for our services to the scope of work.
  2. We bill accurately and believe that real-time data is imperative for transparency in the billing process. Time tracking software helps us with this. It captures hours spent alongside work descriptions. We then export this data in PDF format and attach it to the invoice so you can know exactly what you’re paying us for. You can also access employee hours on your own and at any time to get a complete picture of when and how your team members are spending their time.
  3. You don’t pay for employment taxes, vacations, and sick leaves. That’s on us.
  4. We send invoices using QuickBooks bookkeeping software and offer multiple payment options so you can choose the most convenient method. We accept bank transfer, wire transfer, credit card payments, and checks.
  5. Prior to sending an invoice, we double-check it for accuracy.
  6. We keep an open dialog. We’re honest with clients whatever the topic — an initial estimate being off, potential project risks, or whether certain features are a good idea.
  7. It’s reasonable to expect some guarantees from us. One of those guarantees is a warranty that your software will work as described in the specifications. If it doesn’t, we fix it for free during the acceptance and warranty periods.
  • Acceptance — An approval process where you inspect and accept our work. If you identify any flaws or gaps, we fix the software as quickly as possible. 
  • Warranty — A period during which we provide free bug fixing services within the terms defined by the contract. Fixes for any defects identified after the warranty period is over will be billed separately.

NOTE: The Timing of the acceptance and warranty periods is defined for each project and is agreed when signing a contract.

What does our invoices look like? 

Still have any questions about how we bill? Request a free consultation with our experts and ask all your questions. They’ll be happy to answer them!