“Making a Vine clone app”

Video blogging has gained a lot of traction in recent years. One app that has transformed the way that video blogging is done is the Vine app. A Vine is a short and, usually, funny video clip which has become increasingly popular, especially among the younger generation of millennials.

Creating a Vine

To create a Vine, users just need to use a device’s built-in camera and then edit the video clip to add any music, sounds, or some additional visual effects to it. They can then quickly share it in their social networks. Alongside Instagram pictures, Vines help users remember amusing, magical, memorable moments of their life, boosting their mood and helping them re-live some of their best or funniest times.

In order to edit the video, there are a number of different applications that can be used. Alternatively, the video can also be uploaded to a user’s PC to be edited there. Let’s take a brief look at the best applications for making Vines that have come out so far.

The official Vine app

The most popular app and social network for Vines is the official Vine app, founded in 2012. The Vine app allows users to shoot a 6-second video, speed it up, include some additional photos, use a few basic editing tools, and then share their creation with friends.

But can this application grow to become as popular as Instagram? Vine does lack some features. For example, it won’t allow users to trim a beginning or an end of their video and it does not have too many editing tools or fancy filters to apply to the video.

Vine app clones

That is why there are numerous Vine-like clones that have been released to give users alternatives. Below are some existing clones of the original Vine app that differ from each other in their functionality:

1. Vind (video app template like Vine) is a copycat of Vine with only one difference; it provides filters for editing the video.

2. Viddly (free app on Android and iOS) enables users to shoot a video that is under 30 seconds long. They are able to use additional photos from their gallery. As well, they can choose to use 16 existing filters to further edit the video.

3. Keek (free app on Android and iOS) allows users to shoot even longer videos of up to 36 seconds. Videos can also be saved in a draft format, allowing users to publish it later. This app also has a “follow your friends” feature and allows for comments on videos.

4. WeVideo (free; Android, iOS) allows you to take up to 1 min video or upload it from Gallery or YouTube, and then apply one of eleven filters. It has a function of creating slideshows from your pictures in a desired speed and to a desired music.

5. Imovie makes it possible to share photos and videos of any length. Users can do both using their device’s camera or by uploading photos or videos from their gallery. They can also apply filters, add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to your work of art. It’s fast and fun to make every video more memorable.

Apart from the apps listed above, there are also single platform applications that exist, running only on iOS or Android, not both. This can actually contribute to customers loss as it limits users to one platform, making sharing amongst friends on different platforms challenging. Another issue is competition from applications that allow users to create gif-images.

Making a Vine replica app

To make a Vine-like application, similar functionality needs to be included. Users should be able to shoot a video, make adjustments to speed, and have access to some basic editing features. Being able to share it with their friends across social networks is also a key feature. There are additional features that may be required as well, such as:

  • a messaging feature for private messages;
  • user tagging support, giving users the ability to tag friends in comments using @friend, as well as informing users whenever they have been tagged in posts;
  • hashtag support, allowing users to create their own hashtags in the post’s caption or comments using #text;
  • hashtag search, which allows users to search through posts using a particular hashtag.

In total, the development of an app similar to Vine would equal somewhere between 60-90 days. Of course, the final quote will vary depending on the features you'll want to add. We estimate the number of hours or days needed for every feature, then multiply the hours by our hourly rate, and add it to the total cost.

Currently, there is no single app that offers users with all of the functionality needed to create snappy, stylish Vines in the length they desire, with the editing features that they want. Users need to find a combination of apps that allow them to achieve their video blogging goals.

This means that this is the moment to create an app of your own to take the market by storm! Users are looking for one app that has user-friendly UI and UX, as well as functionality that allows them to edit videos, apply filters, use stickers, add music or sound effects, and share their creation with friends easily. Making an app that includes all of these features could offer the perfect solution to the video blogging-obsessed market of millennials.

If you decide that you want to break into this growing market by making the perfect Vine-like app, just message or call us and we’ll guide you through the process, step by step!

And now check out this crazy video by a real Vine master, Zach King!

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