Announcing Meteor 1.4

A new version of Meteor platform has been released. NodeJS version 4.4.7 and MongoDB version 3.2 are used in the new version.

Migrating to Meteor 1.4

There is a tutorial with a set of recommendations for migration to 1.4 version of Meteor platform in Meteor Guide.

David Glasser - MongoDB queries do not always return all matching documents!

David Glasser faced some oddness in MongoDB behavior with data extraction. In the article he describes the problem and identifies conditions of its origin.

Ryan Glover - Reactive Dict, Reactive Vars, and Session Variables

Ryan Glover describes the process of working with reactive variables and session in the Meteor.

Ryan Glover - Making Use of Settings.json

Ryan Glover describes the process of using settings.json file.

Meteor on Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has declared the launch of online documentation service. Now Meteor documentation is available on Stack Overflow!

Apollo and Saturn Microframework

There is active Saturn microframework development, that is oriented on interaction with Apollo.

Transmission Ep 13: Apollo and Saturn, Meteor 1.4, Community-Maintained Blaze

In the thirteenth episode of Transmission Sashko Stubailo told about the new version of the Meteor platform, the Apollo stack, Saturn microframework and Blaze.

The 5 Most Promising Frameworks of the First Half of 2016

MeteorJS got into the list of the most promising frameworks of the first half of 2016.

Deploy to Galaxy Europe starting today!

Galaxy Hosting is now available in Europe.

Tarun Batra - Meteor Publications and Subscriptions

The article tells about the publish-subscribe pattern and its implementation in MeteorJS.

Joel Ricci - Handling Publication Errors

Joel Ricci talks about features of working with mistakes and methods of its processing in Meteor publications.