Meteor 1.3

MeteorJS new version has been announced. Version 1.3 update list:

  • Migration to a newer version of NodeJS - v.0.10.41;
  • ES2015 modules support;
  • CommonJS modules support;
  • Improved Angular&React integration;
  • Possibility of using npm packages;
  • Optimization of Cordova appllications work;
  • Support of generators available in ES2015;
  • Support of async/await, available in ES2016;
  • Increased efficiency of minimongo;
  • Increased efficiency of isobuild system;
  • And so on.

A Study Plan For Meteor 1.3

Sacha Greif, a developer from MDG, published a set of recommendations and a plan for studying version 1.3 of MeteorJS platform.
A curriculum was designed according to the latest trends and tendencies of development on Meteor.

One Galaxy for Everyone

Now Meteor Galaxy hosting offers public access. Galaxy-container can be easily configured. Besides, a clever payment system was implemented: site’s idle time is not payed for. free hosting ends March 25, 2016

Starting from March 25th 2016 Meteor applications free hosting on is freely available. It is recommended to use Galaxy hosting as a substitute. You could get MongoDB database dump up to April 12th 2016.

Transmission - Ep 10

A new episode of Meteor Transmission podcast was released. Galaxy PM Rohit Bakhshi and MeteorJS PM Zoltan Olah were invited as guests. Closing of Meteor free hosting and search of alternative solutions were discussed.

Linting Meteor Applications

Dominik Ferber shares his method of using ES6Lint in MeteorJS.

Handy Google Chrome extension for reviewing MiniMongo

A very useful project to improve and simplify MeteorJS developers’ life was designed - MiniMongoExplorer - Google Chrome extension to work with minimongo.

User Accounts in Meteor #8 - NPM Packages & Modifying Roles

In a new episode from LevelUp Tuts the process of NPM packages adding is described as well as Roles system using based on administrative dashboard.

Apollo, the data stack for modern apps

After Galaxy launch and new Meteor version release developers from Meteor Development Group started a new exciting project - Apollo. The project was named after “The Apollo” space program. It is a platform based on GraphQL and provides an opportunity of jet binding the back-end data source (SQL, REST, DDP, MongoDB, etc) with popular front-end technologies, such as Angular, React, Blaze and others.