1.3.3 beta w/ DDP Batching is now available!

MDG has just pushed a beta release including a larger change that will land in 1.3.3: DDP batching. To upgrade to the release, run: meteor update --release 1.3.3-ddp-batching-beta.0

New in Galaxy: Automated SSL, European Access, and Reserved Pricing

The work over Galaxy hosting is going on:

  • Galaxy was intergrated with letsencrypt.org service;
  • Documentation is improved;
  • Data-center has been opened in Europe and is expected in Asia;
  • There is an opportunity now to save up to 20% of hosting price thanks to Reserved Pricing.

The Future of MDG

CEO & Co-founder MeteorJS Geoff Schmidt discussed the possible prospects and development trends of MeteorJS platform.

Meteor 1.4 is coming

Two important changes are waiting for us in 1.4 version:

  • Transition to Node.js 4 version;
  • Transition to MongoDB 3.2 version.

Meteor 1.4 is coming

Simon Liu published a step-by-step tutorial for testing React UI components.

The Meteor Chef: Using the HTTP Package

Ryan Glover in his article told about using of the Meteor HTTP package and HTTP requests in general.

Transmission - Ep 12: Meteor 1.4, Meteor's Guide and Tutorials, Allow/Deny

In the 12th transmission episode Paul Dowman, Sashko Stubailo and Zol Olah consider the forthcoming release of MeteorJS 1.4 version, compare Meteor Guide with other tutorials and discuss allow/deny rules.

Join Blaze.JS on Slack

The channel for Blaze library discussion was created in Slack.

Why Meteor is the Perfect Backend for React Native

Spencer Carli described the advantages of using MeteorJS platform as back-end for React Native.

The Missing Link In Meteor’s Rate Limiter

Pete Corey in his article describes the vulnerability of DoS in MeteorJS and suggests variants to solve the problem.

Meteor Toys 3

Max Savin published the 3rd version of a popular package Meteor Toys with a big number of improvements.