Meteor 1.4 For Everyone

LevelUpTuts published a series of tutorials on Meteor 1.4.

How to build a Hello World App With MeteorJS and Apollo

Marty Banting described how the skeleton of Meteor application was created using Apollo.

How to Update Your Enterprise Meteor Application to 1.4

Due to the recent release of Meteor 1.4, Marty Banting tells about the nuances of transition to a new version.

GraphQL Subscriptions in Apollo Client

Amanda Liu presents a new functional opportunity of Apollo Client: support of publish-subscribe system when working with GraphQL.

OverThrown — Meteor based multiplayer game

A multiuser online game OverThrown was developed on the basis of Meteor, RethinkDB and pixi.js.

Blaze project website

Blaze.js site has updated: it has been fully reconstructed, documentation has been improved, examples of using Blaze have been added.

Transmission Episode 14

New episode of Transmission has come out. Paul Dowman together with Sashko Stubailo discuss the integration of Meteor with Apollo. Topical issues about prospects and the directions of development of the Meteor platform are brought up.

Live Migrate a Mongo Database

Brad Vogel has written a tutorial on how to transmit MongoDB without downtime.

Connecting React Native and Meteor

Spencer Carli in his article covers the subject of integration of Meteor with React Native.

Querying Non-Existing MongoDB Fields

Pete Corey describes a minor vulnerability in the work of MongoDB and gives recommendations on how to create safer inquires to DB.