Meteor 1.5 release in progress

Information about version 1.5 Meteor has been released. Particularly, it became known that MeteorJS can be installed via npm that will allow choosing the used node.js version individually.

Running MongoDB Atlas

Mongo database developers are launching cloud hosting. This hosting is adapted as much as possible to work with MongoDB. The main features are scalability, ease of use, flexibility and high level of protection.

Ryan Glover - Making Use of Settings.json

Ryan Glover - Making Use of Settings.json Ryan Glover talks about the use of settings.json file in MeteorJS.

Full transition to npm

The MDG plans to completely switch to NPM ecosystem came to light.

ARM port of new Meteor version 1.3.x

Porting Meteor platform to ARM is completed. Release details are discussed on the forum.

Daniel Phillips - Building a Game with Meteor and RethinkDB

Daniel Phillips shares his experience in creating games for Meteor + RethinkDB.

Dean Radcliffe - Action Oriented Architecture

Dean Radcliffe in his screencast talks about integration methods for Meteor and Redux.

Bunch of React components and helpers to easily generate and validate forms

Npm set of packages is published that allows combining SimpleSchema and React.

How to be Productive With Meteor and Webpack

The package developers for Meteor and Webpack integration also provided a detailed guide about methods and best practices for using it.

Meteor 1.3 Imports

There is an active discussion of import system on Meteor forum. The participants clarify the main problems in the existing import system and suggest the best solutions and ways of integration with Meteor.

Dhaivat Pandya - Query batching in Apollo

Apollo is now supporting the function "query batching". This greatly improves the productivity of Apollo applications. Dhaivat Pandya in his article describes methods and special aspects of using query batching.

Matt DeBergalis, MDG - Meteor 1.4 and beyond

Matt DeBergalis reviewed the planned innovations in Meteor platform version 1.4 and reported some plans for the nearest future.