“New App Store Design”

Apple has finally heard the numerous pleads for change from app developers. With the introduction of their brain new App Store, Apple brought hope to those programmers, who were afraid that their applications were hard to find in the old variant.

With the new design, finding apps became more interactive, lively and efficient. Now App Store offers us three main tabs: Today, Games and Apps.

Today Tab

It’s almost like a news page - here users can see and read about all of the hot trendy stuff that is going on in the world. If something is worth knowing, you’ll find it on the Today Tab.

Games Tab

A whole heaven, secluded specifically for games. It doesn’t really matter, what the base of your love for games is, you will unmistakably find everything necessary in here.

Apps Tab

Apps are developed to make your life easier, so why should it be so complicated to find the one you need? Apple has heard the pains of its customers, and created the most comfortable search system ever, making sure that your demands will meet their supply.

new apple store design

Apart from the great design change, Apple has also added a few features:

  • App Titles are now 20 characters shorter, with a maximum of 30. However, now there is also a ‘Subtitle’ option, where developers can fit all of the additional essential info.

  • Descriptions are now called “Promotional Text”, and can be written in maximum of 170 characters. However, what is more important is that you can now edit them without actually upgrading the app so that your users can always be up-to-date with your valuable news.

  • Rankings became clearer than ever. Now you can see the app’s star and category ratings, along with the additional app information right below its title and icon.

  • The number of Videos has literally been tripled. Developers can now add up to 3 videos to their app, and they can also localize them.

  • Rating and Reviews have been highlighted so that everyone can notice them. This makes your product a massive favor because now more people will notice how cool and highly valued it is.

  • In-App Purchases. Do you have a couple of awesome features, which you didn’t include in the standard version of your app? Make them pop with their own icons, descriptions, and the new ability to buy stuff directly from App Store.

Seeing how motivated and inspired Apple developers are to present your products to as many people as possible, makes you wonder how much you can still do to develop your own business. Make sure to keep in touch with the current trends, and shoot for becoming better and better every time.

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