We have recently received an interesting project, which must specify the location accurately within 10 cm in places, which GPS does not manage to fix, for example, an underground museum or cave, and deliver informational or advertising notifications to smartphone, in a sensor area coverage. We solved the given problem with the help of beacons.

Beacons are small objects which broadcast pieces of information, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
BLE is a wireless personal area network technology used in simple applications requiring small periodic transfers of data over short distances.

Beacon technology allows apps to deliver hyper-contextual content, such as prompts, actions, ads, push messages to users, based on their location.

Beacons can understand you location up to a micro-local scale, with a broadcast range of up to 100 meters. Prices on beacons are reasonable, and they consume less energy, than analogues, depending on producer, they can run for years on a single coin cell battery, work in any climate conditions with no need for Wi-Fi connection. Beacons can be used in any sphere: healthcare, marketing, retail, hospitality. The potential is limitless.

We used beacons designed by RadBeacon Dot trade mark and, when the process of device configuration was gone through and tested, we successfully released the functional required by the customer.