After all holidays and celebration of 6th Anniversary of our company, we pulled ourselves together and wrote the report. It’s necessary to analyze the past year and remember all the successes, understand the failures and set the goals for the new year. We want to remember all significant events which happened and to move forward with more strength and new energy!

Achievements over the past year

We launched:

  • 21 mobile applications;

  • 33 websites (including projects from scratch and support of existing ones);

  • 8 UX only projects;

  • 7 projects, we are developing more than 12 months.

Some of our clients' projects


Photoblog is a social network for photographers, where they can exchange their works, give useful pieces of advice and make new connections. This is the space for creativity and inspiration.

Visit the website:


Inviteez is an app for creating an unforgettable event and synchronize it with your calendar. Invite your friends to the event and then share real memories with people who were there!


Editionguard is a service for ebooks distribution with DRM protection. Web application is created for the users who want to sell their publications through the Internet and not to worry about illegal spreading of their works.

Visit the website:

Flo Drinks

Flodrinks is the company delivering natural, sugar-free and preservatives-free refreshing water in eco-pack. They offer a large variety of flavors and donate 10% of profits on projects to purify water on the planet.

Visit the website:


Hairsnaps is a portfolio app for Hair Professionals, helps to find the best hairstyles, stylists and salons. You can search by price, location, style and more.

Math With Your Friends

Math with your friends is a new game for young intellectuals! Compete with your friends making the equations with numbers and symbols (+ - x ÷ =). Use special cells to gain more points!

Company’s news

  • We established partnership with Divio company to provide the best solutions on time and money for our customers for development and hosting of python based projects.

  • chose us as one of the Leading IT Services Firms in Ukraine!

  • Our team has expanded up to 70 people, which is 27% more than in 2015;

  • 40% of clients returned with new projects;

  • Moved to 2 new offices.

Designers news:

We started running Dribbble and Instagram accounts and received awards on Behance. We built magnificent interfaces which harmoniuosly blend with project’s content and reflect the essence of the application. Check out our best works:

Atlas Hotel - we've created the design for Turkey based hotel in minimalistic style, developed full back-office system that manages all tasks of administration process such as payment and reservations, etc. You can evaluate our work checking the dashboard.

Dribble shot

Zumba - our bright design concept for dance studio class with sign up screen as an example.

Dribbble shot

NetGraph App - is a fresh and neat pattern for social networks for designers and creative people.

Dribbble shot

Minerals auction app - this is auction app for iOS that will help people from all over the world who are into minerals and buy or sell them. We've created interface with easy searching process and choosing minerals proposed.

Works on Dribbble, Behance and Uplabs accounts that scored the highest number of votes. Check it out:

Internships and first Python meetups

In 2016 we actively worked with interns recruitment to train backend, frontend and mobile developers, as well as holding python meetups on regular basis. Partnership with LITS in educational courses, where our team leads shared their 5+ years experience in programming during 3 months.


Looking back, we believe it was an efficient year for our company! Thanks to our customers for interesting projects, to our team - for successful realization of ideas and all the new colleagues - for inspiration and fresh thoughts! We are sure, that in new year we will surprise you with extraordinary solutions, high-quality work and enjoyable communication.

And if you want to stay up to date with our growth and development, connect with us via our social networks:

And don’t forget to visit our blog and portfolio for more details about our work and team.