We actively took part in the conference PMcon last week. This project was dedicated to the project management, namely to the discussion of the current issues and tendencies of the efficient projects management. In addition, it was a very good opportunity to get inspired by the ideas and get pleasure from communication with the leading IT-professionals. So that were the thing  we actually experienced.

Despite a few reporters the conference turned out to be quite cognitive and fascinating. One of the best parts of the conference was its organization. All the reports were divided into two parts: theory and workshop. We attended the workshops mostly because it contained not only theoretical issues regarding improvement of the projects management but demonstrative examples as well which were close as much as possible to the real issues and tasks.

It’s necessary to mention one of the best workshops and reports of Timofei Yevgrashyn. It was dedicated to the gamification regarding  lining up of right processes in the company where we had learned how to create simple games which would be interesting to play and used as examples of business processes which required improvement or fixation. The report was dedicated to implementation of the flexible methods in the product company. His report impressed a lot and was quite meaty because it didn’t sound as the declaration of the only rule of work and contained a format of the narratives about the good and bad experiences.

There was one more fascinating workshop led by Irina Zaporozhets. The workshop was about management of risks on projects. We got a great deal of useful information and improved a lot our knowledge in this area.

The third captivating workshop was led by Vera Shatskaya who told us how to deal with the team changes and pithy report of Sergiy Povolyashko  about lining up of development process in a big software company. 

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