Even with talented developers on your team, your product may eventually fail if there isn’t effective collaboration. We believe that transparent and efficient communication is key to software development success. Therefore, we give our clients full access to all collaboration tools on the first day of working together. Additionally, we hold offline workshops, write project reports, encourage clients to participate in meetings, and carry out sprint demos.

How do you actually know that the agency you’re looking to hire fosters a collaborative, successful work environment? That’s a hard question. We can’t take responsibility for other software outsourcing companies. So let’s formulate the question this way: How do you know Steelkiwi is a collaborative team? Now we’re good to answer it.

Tools we use to foster effective collaboration

Remote IT teams can’t do without software collaboration tools. These tools are a powerful means for monitoring project progress, discussing ideas, creating and assigning tasks, communicating with clients and teammates, and ensuring everyone’s on the same page. 

At Steelkiwi, we consider these the greatest tools for collaborating with project stakeholders:

Team meetings as an effective means to encourage collaboration

Consistent and clear communication is another must for successful collaboration. Regular meetings improve communication in the workplace and ensure stakeholders share a common vision. At Steelkiwi, we hold the following types of meetings:

What else is there for successful collaboration?

In addition to using collaboration software and holding project meetings, we:

  • Keep clients close to projects. This helps us not only move a project forward and in the right direction but collaborate effectively to meet a client’s expectations. From the start, we involve clients in projects and keep them in the loop by sharing progress and activities, asking for feedback, and communicating often and openly.
  • Document and manage tasks, meeting notes, and action items. To stay on top of tasks and create a clear understanding of the next steps defined in a meeting, we take and track meeting notes and action items. This allows us to capture important information and hold team members accountable for their goals.
  • Keep every stakeholder on track. We monitor and regularly report on progress to keep the client and the team aligned on how the project is progressing.
  • Shape a positive and trustworthy work environment. We believe that a happy team is a productive team. We make communication a priority, help everyone understand how they contribute, and encourage team members to share ideas and experiences.
  • Create a communication plan. To achieve effective communication, we define your project communication plan — what, when, and how information will be shared. Any changes or schedule updates are communicated in advance to avoid blockers.   


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