In previous years, the property management industry has changed dramatically. New technologies have transformed how we live and work, and it’s no different for the property management industry. The rise of Proptech has opened up new opportunities for property managers to build more efficient businesses. 

This article covers the exact definition of Proptech, how it impacts property managers, and tips on developing Proptech software.


Property technology (Proptech) is a term for anything related to real estate or property management that uses technology as its core component. It’s an umbrella term covering everything from 3D printing homes to drones for land surveying and inspections.  

Proptech includes two leading technologies: property management software and rental pricing software. This technology allows you to manage your properties from one central location. You can create reports and view your data in one place rather than log into multiple systems. 

On the other hand, rental pricing software helps you accurately price properties to maximize your profits by charging the right amount for rent each month. This reduces tenant turnover rates because people won’t feel like they are being ripped off if they pay too much rent for a place they don’t want to live in.


When you develop Proptech software, you’ll be able to enjoy these three advantages: 

  • Eliminating Manual Tasks: Proptech software reduces the need for human input and increases productivity. For example, you can automate tasks by using efficient property software. The developer can create a digital platform that allows real estate agents to list properties on the web and receive bids from potential buyers. This eliminates the need for agents to manually post advertisements or update listings in their local MLS databases. 
  • Minimizing Costs: Proptech software can help real estate companies reduce costs by automating various processes within their business operations. In addition, it helps reduce costs associated with staffing and other expenses incurred by increasing productivity levels. As a result, you can enjoy significant cost savings while maintaining high-efficiency levels across your organization’s operations. 
  • Improving Customer Experience: One of the key benefits of developing Proptech software is improving customer experience through better communication channels between clients and employees. By creating an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) platform where customers can access all relevant information about their transactions, you’ll be able to provide them with a better overall experience when working with your company or brand. 

With these three benefits, establishing your Proptech software will help you enhance your real estate property management tactics.

Main Features 

Some of the most critical features of Proptech software are as follows: 

  • Real-Time Market Data: Proptech software is the best way to get real-time market data. This is essential for any property manager because it allows them to stay on top of their game. An excellent real-time market data system means you’ll always be able to access the latest information available, which will help you make better decisions and ultimately give your business a competitive edge over other companies.
  • Faster Property Evaluation: In real estate, you must be able to evaluate properties quickly to make sure that you’re getting the best deals possible for your clients or customers. With Proptech software, you can do this much more efficiently than ever before because it allows you to see what’s happening in various areas throughout the country at any given time. This makes it easy for you to determine whether or not a property is worth purchasing, no matter where it happens to be located at any given time.
  • Intelligent Decision Support: Proptech software offers competent decision support to help you make informed decisions about your rental property. The software provides data and analytics on the performance of your investment properties. You can analyze data factors, such as occupancy rate, gross income, operating expenses, and vacancy rate.

With such features, you can attract managers who will consider investing in your software.


The development of the Proptech software is a process that requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. Before jumping into the development process, you must plan your road map and develop a clear product vision. 

Here are six tips to help you in developing your Proptech software: 

  • Know What You Want To Develop: This will help you identify your customers’ needs and how they would like their property management system to be. For example, if you want to develop an app for managing properties, then you should know what features should be included in this app.
  • Get Help From Experts: Developing Proptech software is a challenging task, and it takes a lot of time, expertise, and resources. It would be best if you get the assistance of a software integrator who knows how to develop such software because they will know what features should be included in your product to meet the needs of your real estate clients. You can click here for more info to find the right integrator.
  • Don’t Rush The Process: If you do so, you might cause errors that will cost both time and money. So, ensure that you take enough time to develop your product and that everything works properly before launching it to the market.
  • Have A Plan For Testing: After completing all your software’s essential functions or features, it’s time to test them out! Like building any other application or website, testing is vital for Proptech software too! Make sure that every feature works perfectly before finalizing this step.
  • Take Feedback From The Users: This is a crucial step as it will help you make changes or additions to the software if needed. This will also help you know what your target audience feels about your product, its use, and what they think of its features.
  • Ensure Software Security: Since people will be putting their personal information on your website, it is imperative that they feel secure while using your product. You can use secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates available from various providers on the Internet at affordable prices.

These are just some of the practices developers follow to ensure the credibility of their Proptech software. 

Key Takeaway 

Proptech is now booming in the real estate market. You can boost your sales by delivering the best features for your clients. Therefore, you must consider this guide in your Proptech software development process.