Our co-founder and managing director Slava Ponomarov has had an interview with Website Planet. He spoke about the company, challenges SteelKiwi faces, GDPR regulations, and expressed his thoughts about the future of the tech world. Let’s read the main highlights of the interview.

About SteelKiwi

SteelKiwi was founded in 2011 with the focus on Python/Django. The company wanted to offer a more powerful alternative to PHP. Soon the company expanded and built a mobile department. Now SteelKiwi provides full stack development for new and established businesses.

Challenges the company faces

Sometimes, customers don’t seem to be really involved in the development process. This may lead to problems when a project is to be launched. Since customers’ feedback is vital to the project’s success, Steelkiwi encourages and motivates customers to be involved in the development process.

Some customers don’t think of the marketing strategy. To emphasise the importance of marketing and help customers overcome one more hurdle, SteelKiwi refers customers to established marketing companies with a mature digital promotion approaches.

There is a huge quantity of companies which develop low-quality products. After having a bad experience with another company, customers seem to not fully trust SteelKiwi. To foster trust, SteelKiwi has built a transparent development process. It allows customers to experience absolute trust and honesty from the company’s side.

Predictions in the tech world

In 4-6 years, there will be no difference between web and mobile applications. PWAs and development tools like Flutter will continue to progress. The application code will be distributed in a unified format and will run on all devices, regardless of the OS. A new technology will emerge to give developers a chance to create universal apps.

For more details read the whole interview on Website Planet.