Organizations around the world continue benefiting from the impact of technology. In fact, there are not many industries that could not see some form of improvement from the appropriate use of technology services and solutions, and yet there are business executives everywhere that rarely tap into them.

A wide range of reasons are to blame for this opposition, but one of the most common is the fear of an outside supplier failing to fix the problem. In the worst-case scenarios, suppliers can even make things worse.

And that is exactly why is around, a B2B ratings and reviews platform covering global tech services and solutions. The research their analysts produce is the result of comprehensive due diligence and clear commitment to marketplace accountability.

SteelKiwi was once again named a Market Leader by Clutch in their annually updated report on top Ukrainian developers.

This award further increases our competitiveness on the platform, having already been listed as exceptional performers in their existing research on custom python developers and web developers.

We could not be happier about our performance in such a competitive research listing, which took multiple factors into consideration:

Something we always find especially gratifying is the praiseworthy client reviews contained on SteelKiwi's company profile, which highlights just how hard the team here works to ensure the highest level of customer support.

Here one of our client's review:

"We are entirely satisfied that every piece of work we’ve asked them to do for us, SteelKiwi have met or exceeded our expectations." - CIO, Kimetrica.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Clutch!