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SteelKiwi Achieves New Heights – Recognized by Clutch as a Top 20 Development Company in Ukraine.

Recently, Clutch released a report that highlighted the top 250 companies in Ukraine and we are so ecstatic to announce that Steelkiwi has been named the #18 B2B company out of a report that lists the top 250 companies in Ukraine. This accomplishment was supported by our performance as one of the top web developers in Ukraine and other categories where Steelkiwi excels on like being named a top blockchain company on a global scale. This year, The Manifest – Clutch’s sister website that guides buyers through every stage of the buyer journey – listed Steelkiwi as a top web development company in Ukraine.

Clutch is a well-known and well reputed ratings and review company for business to business service companies across the world. They have analysts who are subject matter experts on a variety of different fields research firms and gather client reviews in order to rank companies. Their methodology is thorough and stringent and our performance is something that we worked hard to get to. These are achievements that we are extremely proud of as we love the work that we do for our clients and being recognized for our service is an honor that we are glad to receive.

Our firm is based on three principles- zero technical debt, open communication, and agile team dynamics. We provide our client with great services in a variety of needs ranging from web development, blockchain services, UI UX, DevOps, Mobile App Development, and QA services. We were formed in 2011 with the purpose of standing out from other mediocre companies on the market and we have worked every single day since then to fulfill that mission.

Our clients' testimonials

Our customers probably say it best in the testimonials that are available on our site. One satisfied client said that our:

Key strengths include a clear commitment to code quality and versatility in the face of changing business requirements.

Another important client of ours talked about how our:

Robust project management and a reliable quality assurance process ensured the solution achieved all technical requirements.

Don’t settle for less ever again. We will work to make sure that your next project is of the highest quality and that it both meets and expects your needs. Contact us today so that we can get to work on your next project!