Today, we'd like to share with you a significant event in our company's history. Steelkiwi has entered into an agreement with a strategic partner and investor, as a result of which we’ll become a part of Globaldev Group.

Who is Globaldev Group?

Globaldev Group provides a comprehensive set of software development services to technology companies worldwide. With offices in the USA, Germany, Israel, Ukraine, Poland, and Portugal, and a team of over 230 professionals, Globaldev has been actively growing its software development capacity for years.

What does this mean for Steelkiwi?

What changes is that working together with Globaldev Group gives us an opportunity to accelerate our growth and create more job possibilities for specialists in Ukraine and other European countries.

Working with a large global organization like Globaldev Group will allow us to exchange technical and non-technical experiences and skills which for clients translates to better service and more technological variety in solutions.

We are delighted to open up this new chapter in Steelkiwi’s history. And as Globaldev Group would say — let’s go global together.