eLearning is one of the most popular buzzwords of 2021. But what is eLearning really? How big will the demand for eLearning be in the next couple of years? Who uses it? And what are the trends and tendencies shaping the niche? We’re here to help you find out! 

Indeed, everyone everywhere is talking about eLearning. Keeping up with the digital age is now a task for the entire education sector. More and more businesses and educational establishments are moving training and classes online, using interactive eLearning materials and managing operations digitally.

As we’ve already developed custom education software and collaborated with different eLearning businesses and educational establishments, we have the domain knowledge, technical competencies, and experience required to create eLearning software. We also understand it’s important to prepare thoroughly before you get into the eLearning industry. Therefore, get comfortable and enjoy our insights illustrated through an infographic!

eLearning software development

Steelkiwi is experienced in eLearning software development. Together, we can create a unique platform that will stand out to users and beat the competition. Message us to discuss your project needs. Meanwhile, make yourself comfortable and enjoy our portfolio of education solutions we’ve crafted so far.