Full-cycle software development service provider

We’ve built a strong team of software engineers, designers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers to provide a high standard of delivery to our clients.

Founded in 2011 by software engineers

Before founding SteelKiwi, our company’s cofounders occupied engineering and management positions in the IT outsourcing industry.

Slava Ponomarov Co-Founder, Managing Director
Slava Ponomarov
Anton Baterikov Co-Founder, CTO
Anton Baterikov

Our goal is long-term engagement

We address your precise requirements and work hard to make our collaboration fruitful and enjoyable.

Katerina Chernel Head of sales department
Katerina Chernel
Evan Konenko Head of UX/UI department
Evan Konenko
Aleksandr Reshetnyak Software Technical Lead
Aleksandr Reshetnyak
Oksana Zhukova COO
Oksana Zhukova
Viktor Olesenko Mobile team lead
Viktor Olesenko
Evgeniy Getmansky Python team lead
Evgeniy Getmansky
Alexey Milogradov Python team lead
Alexey Milogradov
Valeriya Chernishova Frontend team lead
Valeriya Chernishova
Konstantin Lazarenko DevOps Engineer
Konstantin Lazarenko
Anna Chebanova Media manager
Anna Chebanova

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We appreciate our relationships with clients

We’ve helped over 100 customers solve complex business problems. Our collaboration with clients often results in long-term partnerships.

by Healthcare Startup

Robust project management and a reliable quality assurance process ensured the solution achieved all technical requirements. SteelKiwi's reasonable cost structure and flexible workflow are also notable strengths.

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by CIO, Kimetrica

I think their client communication is really good. For every piece of work, there’s always repeating in the chain. There’s the initial contact with the sales manager, and then for every project, we are assigned a project manager. Their project manager basically makes sure that the work is going on and satisfied properly, deals with any holdup, and acts as the client’s point of contact to make sure that the client is happy. However, many technical resources are required to implement whatever it is that we’re asking. The communication from those project managers in terms of keeping everybody on the same page and up to date is really good.

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by Solutions Architect, Engineering Firm

Key strengths include a clear commitment to code quality and versatility in the face of changing business requirements.

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by Founder & CEO, Consumer App Startup

End users who tested the platform praised it professional appearance and reliable performance. SteelKiwi was steadfast in developing the best features, despite the project's inflexible cost constraints. They remained quick and efficient, and always stayed within budget.

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by Founder, BoardNotebook

BoardNotebook and their customers were very happy with the application, which will require new features as it gains revenue and a larger user base. SteelKiwi performed very well from a project management standpoint, communicating regularly and remaining responsive throughout the project.

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by Founder & CEO, Real Estate Startup

SteelKiwi timed out on each API call and met the majority of performance expectations. They were very accommodating throughout the project management process, and regularly extended their service hours to ensure proper communication despite the time difference.

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by Project Manager, Cloud Registry

The software scaled to accommodate a high volume of visitors and transactions. It performed well and was highly intuitive. SteelKiwi's strong project management, excellent communication skills, and high-quality work kept the development process running smoothly.

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by CEO, GroupRoom

Development is moving smoothly and quickly. SteelKiwi continually satisfies with their cost-effective pricing, timely deliveries, and high-quality agile development process.

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by Lead Software Developer, Illico Hodes

SteelKiwi succesfully built a dynamic reporting engine that could automatically generate and store reports. They completed the project much quicker than anticipated and practiced flexible communication and project management. Careful handling of sensitive source code instilled long-term trust.

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by Internet Specialist, Mount Hermon Association, Inc.

The association and their members were very happy with the flexible working relationship. SteelKiwi stayed organized throughout the project, and gave the in-house team direct access to their task management system. Their versatile talent pool and excellent work set them apart.

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Our office

Our shared office space helps create a meaningful and positive work environment for our team members.

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Our office
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We care about our client’s intellectual property

Business ethics is at the heart and soul of our company's culture. We’re committed to maintaining trusting relationships with our clients.

Protection of confidentiality

Protection of confidentiality

Transparent agreements

Transparent agreements

Culture of respect

Culture of respect

Value of reputation

Value of reputation