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what do you want to talk about

what do you want to talk about

What happens next

Step 1

First acquaintance. After we receive your request, one of our managers will contact you to clarify the details and arrange a meeting. We normaly reply within one business day (or much sooner).

Step 2

Project discovery. Our next step is to define project goals and how to achieve them. This is the best way to understand if we're ready to take this project into work and to take the responsibility. 

Step 3

Engagement. Once all details and requirements of the future project are defined, business goals are set and risks are encountered, it's time to sign the Agreement and start work. 

Our locations

Belmont, CA, USA
Vinnytsia, Ukraine
Odessa, Ukraine

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Theme of the trip

OCT 14 — NOV 20, 2021

NO, Norway

Co-Founder, Managing Director, Slava Ponomarov Head of Sales, Ekaterina Chernel

Customer meetings

NOV 1 - DEC 30, 2021

ES, Spain

Managing director, Slava Ponomarov

Business trip