Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software for Managing and Distributing Documents

We develop enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to help businesses facilitate data lifecycle management, information governance, and collaboration.

Automate workflows

Without a clearly defined workflow, managing content can be a disaster. Workflow management lets you take control of your routine processes so you know how content is published, when it’s published, and who publishes it. A CMS helps you manage better. It's a visualization tool that allows you to set rules, in other words a series of steps required for each task. A CMS also helps you to complete tasks, remove bottlenecks, and move faster.

Improve collaboration

In content production there are many tasks that involve multiple people. Before being published, an article needs to be reviewed by an editor, checked for keywords by an SEO specialist, and approved by the CMO. CMS software can act as a collaboration platform that allows several users to work on the same piece of content at the same time. A CMS system can track changes and retrieve older versions if needed.

Create and manage content

Marketing departments produce countless documents, presentations, emails, blog articles – you name it – every day. This content exists in a variety of files and formats. A content management system can gather data from any source and provide users with an interface for creating content in the system. Having all your data in one app means you can pull up any document quickly and easily.