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Custom Healthcare Software Development

We use advanced technologies and follow the latest industry standards to build custom healthcare solutions that meet the needs of medical organizations

Want to build a telemedicine solution?

At Steelkiwi, we can help you move health care to the digital space. Our telemedicine software development services include appointment booking, real-time visits, electronic medical records (EMRs), payments, reminders, and other custom functionality.

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Automate workflows in a private medical practice

Running a medical practice is a lot of work. It involves compiling electronic medical records, maintaining supplies, processing payments, treating patients, and more. At Steelkiwi, we build bespoke software that automates your routine and helps you improve your healthcare services.

Modernize retail pharmacy management

With custom pharmacy software, you can improve your workflow, attract more customers, and streamline inventory management — all while keeping down your software development costs.

Improve the customer experience with wellness providers

Fitness clubs, yoga studios, gyms, and nutrition companies get a lot of benefits from digitizing their offerings. We build apps for health and wellness programs, online coaching, and corporate health solutions as well as custom websites to help you improve the customer experience.

Increase online sales of medical devices

We help medical device manufacturers create modern websites to effectively sell their devices, boost customer engagement, create a differentiated online presence, and earn customer loyalty. When building a custom ecommerce website, we seek to provide hyper-personalised user journeys, seamless and smooth payments, and great online customer support through chat software such as Live Chat.

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What we offer to healthcare organizations

Web application development Our team builds custom websites to help medical organizations create a prominent online presence and make their services more accessible. We have lots of experience building healthcare websites with appointment scheduling and messaging functionality.

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    Web application development

    Web application development

    Our team builds custom websites to help medical organizations create a prominent online presence and make their services more accessible. We have lots of experience building healthcare websites with appointment scheduling and messaging functionality.

  • Mobile app development icon

    Mobile app development

    Mobile app development

    We provide iOS and Android custom mobile healthcare application development for various use cases involving patient–doctor communication, health data tracking, medication management, and clinical decision support.

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    Custom design

    Custom design

    With custom healthcare app design services, you can implement the user interface that works best for your users. At Steelkiwi, we focus on simplicity and accessibility to make sure your app can be used by people with different needs and abilities.

  • Health information technology integration icon

    Health information technology integration

    Health information technology integration

    We integrate the tools you’re already using — ERP systems, EHR/EMR systems, CRMs, drug information databases, payment gateways — into your custom healthcare solution to improve efficiency and reduce technology-related costs.

  • Security and compliance icon

    Security and compliance

    Security and compliance

    To keep healthcare data secure and maintain patient confidentiality, we use encryption. We ensure that all data stored and files uploaded are encrypted and transmitted only to authorized users through a secure channel. To safeguard sensitive healthcare information within your product, we follow privacy and security regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, and DPA 2018. To find out which standards your project will be subject to, we examine the features it will include, the type of data it will process, and the region in which it will be used.


What you get with custom healthcare software development

With custom healthcare software developed by our team, you can optimize your work processes and improve your online presence.

  • Optimize clinical workflows

    We help clinics optimize their workflows with web and mobile solutions that allow remote access to medical data, reduce time spent coordinating tasks, and automate routine work.

  • Boost patient satisfaction

    User-friendly apps enhance the patient experience. We develop portals with health data records that patients can access on the go. We also build apps with appointment scheduling, communication, and payment features.

  • Improve data processing

    As a medical software development company, we help healthcare providers manage medical data. Automated data processing capabilities improve patient health outcomes and help prevent costly mistakes.

  • Get more customers

    We can help you improve your online presence and boost brand awareness by developing a website or app that sells your healthcare services or medical devices. We build custom websites that differentiate you on the market.

  • Get insights from data

    User behavior can help you achieve better insights so you can drive business growth. The analytics features give you an inside look at how users interact with your solution and what obstacles they experience.

How we develop custom healthcare solutions

We discuss project requirements including business objectives, functional and non-functional software requirements, and your target audience. As a result, you’ll get a detailed description of project functionality and external integrations.

Our approach to design is user-centric. We analyze user scenarios to examine how the design will work and, based on that, design UX wireframes that turn into a UI design. By the end of the design phase you’ll get a user-friendly prototype complete with interactive elements and style guides. 

We define the technology stack that best fits your project and build a software architecture. At this stage, you’ll get a precise software development roadmap.

For exchanging, integrating, sharing, and retrieving electronic health information, we use industry standards such as Health Level 7 (HL7) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

We encrypt data at rest and in transit using different standards to prevent unauthorized access and meet healthcare compliance requirements. 

To ensure the security of data, we assess the reliability of third-party systems that our software integrates with. We also make sure these services don’t get access to users’ sensitive information.

Before we launch a product, we make sure it’s fully tested, backups run smoothly, industry standards are met, and release notes are written.

After the release, we provide software support and maintenance. This includes fixing bugs, providing software and security updates, and developing new features.

Healthcare standards our software complies with

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    OpenID Connect

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