Databases we use

Technologies and tools are critical to the product success. At Steelkiwi, we carefully choose the technology stack for each project to meet our clients’ highest expectations and business needs. Here's the list of tools we use for databases integration.

Storage Engines

Different solutions for different purposes. Fast and efficient.



When regular SQL is your choice

  • reliable and stable; it never crashes, it just works
  • extreme performance for any size of projects
  • customizable to meet any needs and processes
  • proven database with the enterprise capabilities


When you need to overcome SQL limitations

  • automatic sharding executes horizontall scalability with ease
  • data storage with load blancing and replication
  • magical flexibility in terms of data structure
  • big data can be processed over lots of cores/machines


When you need something special

  • incredibly fast in-memory data structure store
  • can be used as a database, cache, or message broker
  • supports leadboards, ratings, analysis and timelines
  • used by Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Flickr

Search Engines

There's no point in storing data if you can't find it quickly


  • perfectly combines geolocation data with any search type
  • distributed indexing of data coming from any source
  • analytical querying, filtering, and grouping of data
  • machine learning features out of the box

Apache Solr

  • highly scalable and fault-tolerant search platform
  • advanced full-text search with multi-language support
  • near real-time indexing
  • works perfectly with rich text (MS Word, PDF) documents

Other technologies we use

SQLAlchemy icon
Psycopg icon
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Django ORM

Recent tasks we accomplished

Armed with years of experience developing web and mobile solutions, we consult our clients on which technology stacks can positively impact their businesses.

Social networking
Enabling voice-commentaries for web and mobile
On-demand services
Building complex VPN enabled products
eLearning and online training
10X Faster DB performance

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Armed with years of experience developing web and mobile solutions, we consult our clients on what technologies can positively affect their business.

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