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We build eLearning platforms for different audiences: school education, further education, professional education, and corporate training.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Digital learning offers a productive alternative to conventional classroom-based learning. With eLearning solutions you can access learning materials at any time and on any device. To appeal to modern learners, your online course must adapt to the device it’s viewed on. Mobile learning apps can offer offline access to courses, and are perfect for microlearning and assessment.

Customize your learning experience

One of the greatest challenges of online education is the lack of personalization. For effective learning, an educational app must offer content specific to the needs of each individual learner. A personalized learning path can be created based on a learner's interaction with learning components. Users of an app can also customize and configure programs the way they want. Customizing the learning experience is especially important for corporate training programs.

Assess eLearning outcomes

eLearning assessment is a great way to measure the effectiveness of training. Assessment can be implemented as part of the learning program. Mobile apps are a good fit for providing this functionality. You can design different quizzes and assessment games into an app to check how well learners have picked up topics covered in the program. It's best to provide eLearning assessment in the form of a game.

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