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Custom ERP Development Services  

As an ERP development company, we build custom enterprise resource planning solutions according to our clients’ business requirements. We can help you grow your business through automating inventory, accounting, order management, human resource management, customer relationship management, and other processes.

What is ERP software?

An enterprise resource planning system facilitates balanced management of all resources within an organization: financial accounting, management accounting, human resources, manufacturing, order processing, supply chain management, and project management. Within an ERP system, resource planning is carried out based on a shared database, meaning employees from different departments can rely on the same information to meet their needs. An ERP helps employees make decisions efficiently and quickly.

Advantages of a custom ERP system


Meet your business needs

Like other custom solutions, a custom ERP system contains only necessary features. Custom ERP software proves more cost-effective than commercially available ERP software since it’s developed according to real needs so you don’t pay for the features you aren’t using.


Match your business flow

Custom ERP systems are developed based on your business flow, so you don’t need to change your business processes or teach employees how to work with a new system. Additionally, you can customize the user interface for every department.


Enhance team productivity

You can set up personalized dashboards for every department and add custom reporting to reduce time spent on repetitive and routine tasks. 


Smooth integrations

A custom ERP enables you to smoothly integrate with third-party tools you’re already using.


Simple customization

We build scalable products from the beginning so you can easily add and customize functionality as your company grows. 

What we offer

ERP system development icon

ERP system development

ERP system development

We build custom scalable ERP systems to automate your workflow. Our development process includes business analysis, software development, quality assurance, data migration, user training, and support.

ERP configuration and customization icon

ERP configuration and customization

ERP configuration and customization

We can optimize basic system functions/components or implement new modules into your ERP system to meet your business requirements.

ERP system upgrades icon

ERP system upgrades

ERP system upgrades

Our ERP developers refactor, rewrite, and upgrade existing ERP systems to improve business operations. We’ll analyze your system’s current state, upgrade requirements, and any gaps that may require customization.

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ERP system support and maintenance

ERP system support and maintenance

We understand that ERP systems are dynamic. At Steelkiwi, we provide a software warranty along with technical support and maintenance.

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