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High-performance, secure, reliable, consumer-focused, scalable, future-oriented, and built around specific needs — these are the key characteristics of the software we develop. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses build functional and technologically advanced financial software systems.

    Your security is our priority

    FinTech companies handle terabytes of sensitive data including payment histories, bank accounts, identity information, social security numbers, and passwords. As a result, these companies face a high risk of cyberattacks. From the start of your project, we’ll protect your software product and all the data it handles. To do this, we use reliable and well-supported third-party technologies, adopt strong mechanisms for regulating roles and permissions, and use high-end encryption. We also make sure your product is consistent with FinTech compliance requirements under all circumstances.

    Meet your specific requirements

    Our broad technology expertise and FinTech experience mean we can build a viable solution that fully meets your business needs. With a custom platform, you can get your business well equipped to produce meaningful results, effectively use and translate data into decisive actions, and unify business and technology strategies to co-create new sources of value. Streamline all areas of your organization and get the most out of your technology.

    Full spectrum of software development services

    At Steelkiwi, we deliver full-cycle software development services so you can bring any idea to life. This includes business analysis, UI/UX design, software development, testing, DevOps, and support and maintenance ― everything you need under one roof. Let us take the technical weight off your shoulders while you focus on growing your business.

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    Your technical challenges, our solutions

    Financial businesses have specific technical concerns. Here’s how we approach them.


    FinTech companies are a big target for cyberattacks, so they require strong security mechanisms. At Steelkiwi, we design platforms with security in mind from the very beginning. Security measures we take include implementing data encryption, multilevel database security, multi-factor authentication, blockchain technology, digital signatures, and biometric authentication.


    We’re careful about compliance, especially when it comes to protecting users’ personal information. We examine the feature stack your system will include, the type of data it will process, and the region in which it will be used to find out which privacy standards, regulations, and laws your app will be subject to. We then follow all best practices to develop compliant software.


    Payments are generally an integral part of FinTech apps. It’s therefore important that your payment system functions well. At Steelkiwi, we ensure your platform accepts multiple currencies, supports different payment systems, and allows for cross-border transactions.


    A microservice architecture allows us to build more cost-efficient and secure FinTech apps. It allows for agility, flexibility, scalability, hassle-free maintenance, and resilience. When building FinTech apps, we pay particular attention to product scalability. We discuss and articulate scaling plans when starting any project to find out which scaling methods and techniques are right for you. Then, we design the architecture so that scaling your platform is painless when the time comes.

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