Going Beyond Navigation and Mapping

We help businesses create location-based platforms across different industries from logistics to travel to automotive.

Monitor a person, vehicle, or asset with real-time tracking

GPS tracking solutions provide real-time data on mileage, fuel consumption, vehicle speed, and vehicle location. This real-time information helps manufacturers efficiently manage their fleets. Monitoring routes and speeds also allows logistics companies to cut costs. Vehicle tracking solutions are widely used by companies operating in the manufacturing, transportation, logistics, retail, energy, utilities industries.

Provide information services based on device location

Location-based services are a powerful way for local businesses to attract more customers. For example, location-based services can provide travellers with suggestions for activities, hotels, and restaurants based on their current locations. Participants at large events such as festivals and conferences can easily navigate a space and find attractions. Location-based services are also indispensable for apps that serve local on-demand service providers such as taxi or food delivery businesses.

Deliver marketing messages at the right time, in the right place

Location-based advertising provides retailers with a better understanding of customer behavior. It allows them to create marketing messages that relate to a customer’s location and that are relevant to the customer. Mobile location-based advertising is effective because it’s targeted, personalized, and based on data. This data-centered approach not only helps retailers be more effective in marketing, but also facilitates better service and customer engagement.