Build Your Own Restaurant Online Ordering System for Web, Mobile, and Kiosk

With online ordering software, restaurants increase their check size by 25%. With us, you can build this software.

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Want to use custom technology to attract new customers to your restaurant? Table booking, self-ordering kiosk software, online menu, loyalty app, and PoS integration are what we can help you with.

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Why do you need a custom restaurant online ordering system?

Unlike out-of-the-box solutions with their limited functionality and generic look, a custom online ordering system is fully ours. You can completely customize the look and feel, order flows, and features of your customer-facing ordering website or mobile app.

  • Scalability

    Add new functionality to your online ordering software whenever you need it. With our scalable technology stack, you don't have to worry about the tech not fitting your tomorrow's business needs.

  • Custom design

    Create a unique branded look for your online food ordering app. This will build brand awareness and set your site apart from your competitors. We'll design the app around your customer journey.

  • Integrated systems

    Integrate with POS providers, delivery management platforms, payment gateways, stock-keeping software. We won't break your existing operations, but instead, make them more efficient.

  • Affordable cost

    Save your upfront costs on building a custom online ordering solution. We are located in Ukraine so our software development rates are lower than in the USA, Australia, or Western Europe.

Deliver a flawless service every step of the way

We can help you develop online ordering solutions that your customers can get access to through a website, a mobile app, or a self-service kiosk installed in your restaurant.






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Types of restaurant food ordering apps we develop

Web, mobile, kiosk – we build food ordering systems for any platform helping you create omnichannel experiences for your customers. The types of applications we can develop include:

  • Online food ordering icon

    Online food ordering

    Online food ordering

    A website makes it easy for customers to book orders while they are at work or on their way home. We can include multi-language and multi-currency support to your website. Through a convenient admin panel, you will be able to manage orders from multiple restaurants.

  • Table reservation icon

    Table reservation

    Table reservation

    With a table booking application, you can reach online customers without keeping your phone line busy. We can implement food pre-ordering features so your clients don't have to wait for their meals. We can also add online payments for clients who order food in advance.

  • Tableside ordering icon

    Tableside ordering

    Tableside ordering

    You don’t need a lot of waiters on the floor to offer great service. A table ordering system lets your customers immediately view the menu and place an order whenever they are ready. After they finished their meals, they can pay via the tabletop ordering system.

  • Self-ordering kiosk icon

    Self-ordering kiosk

    Self-ordering kiosk

    A perfect solution for quick-service restaurants, a self-ordering kiosk increases your average check size and improves customer experience. We implement apps with unique features such as customizable dishes and various upselling techniques.

  • Food delivery icon

    Food delivery

    Food delivery

    If you offer food delivery, you will benefit from a smartphone app that lets customers view the restaurant menu, add meals to the cart, select delivery or pickup options, and pay for the order. Your clients will be able to track their orders in real-time.

We integrate with your POS and other hardware

The majority of POS and other hardware providers offer APIs that allow us to integrate with them. If you're already using the restaurant point of sale system, card readers, kitchen printers, VAT-boxes, and so on we will integrate your custom online ordering software into your business process.

Toast POS icon
Toast POS
VEND icon
TouchBistro icon
Lightspeed POS icon
Lightspeed POS
Izette POS icon
Izette POS
Square POS icon
Square POS
Revel POS icon
Revel POS
Clover POS icon
Clover POS
Speedline icon
LAVU icon

Get custom functionality for your restaurant online ordering system

We have the expertise in the restaurant online ordering field and can implement any feasible functionality that your customer needs. Below are some features that we recommend you to implement:

  • Waiter app integration

    By integrating a waiter app in your online ordering solution, you increase order accuracy and make your waiters' life easier.

  • Upsell management

    We develop smart upselling functionality that allows your customers to purchase more food that matches their current orders.

  • Special offers and discounts

    You can build a powerful marketing channel with personalized discounts, deals and offers integrated into your solution.

  • Stop-list and promo-list management

    If you need to suspend selling some menu items or promote your new dishes, the app will update the menu instantly.

  • Logistics and route generation

    Your food delivery app will match orders with drivers based on their location and transport. We build the fastest routes to deliver meals on time.

  • Cooking time and preparation delays

    Different meals might require different cooking times. Your clients will get an accurate estimation of when their orders will be ready.

  • Loyalty programs

    You will be able to reward and engage your loyal customers. We can also implement surveys, complaints, and customer feedback.

  • Analytics and machine learning

    We develop analytics and machine learning algorithms that allow you to better manage upsells and get important insights to run your business.

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Building an Android-powered self-service kiosk for a fast food restaurant in Belgium

  • Belgium
  • Restaurant
  • Food ordering
  • POS integration
  • VAT-box integration
  • Self-ordering kios
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