Quality Assurance: approaches and tools we use

Technology stack is critical to the product success. At Steelkiwi, we carefully choose technologies for each project to meet our clients' highest expectations and business needs. Here's the list of tools we use for quality assurance.

Technology stack

Manual testing

Manual testing

An integral part of development process

  • testing from the very beginning of the project
  • increases quality of developed software
  • full test preparation and demonstration of tests
  • test coverage for core functionality
  • focuses on identifying potential bottlenecks
  • reporting on tested functionality
Automation testing

Automation testing

A must-have for projects that take over 6 months

  • quick and effective – testing of software state on different environments with various test data
  • regression testing – executed frequently and with increasing coverage across iterations
  • easy to maintain – automation test coverage is developed using Python with the pytest+Selenium+Selene+Allure frameworks

Types of testing

To ensure software quality, our QA team performs various types of testing

  • static testing – tests requirements and design so we can be confident that all features are described fully
  • functional testing – we create a detailed checklist for each part of the software including APIs, backend, and frontend; we also perform cross-browser testing
  • performance testing – evaluates software behavior under different loads; includes load, stress, volume, and scalability testing
  • security testing – verifies software stability according to OWASP top-10 vulnerabilities

Other technologies we use

Android SDK icon
Android SDK
Swagger icon
Postman icon
PyCharm icon
Browser DevTools
BlazeMeter icon
BrowserStack icon
Genymotion icon
JMeter icon

Recent tasks we accomplished

Armed with years of experience developing web and mobile solutions, we consult our clients on which technology stacks can positively impact their businesses.

Social networking
Enabling voice-commentaries for web and mobile
On-demand services
Building complex VPN enabled products
eLearning and online training
10X Faster DB performance

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Armed with years of experience developing web and mobile solutions, we consult our clients on what technologies can positively affect their business.

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