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Telemedicine Software Development

We offer custom telehealth software development services for healthcare providers. Telemedicine allows patients to schedule on-demand doctor appointments, get real-time access to health data, and monitor their health.

What you'll get as a telehealth client

We develop telemedicine apps with cloud-based features for clinics, medical practices, telehealth startups, and healthcare networks.

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Telemedicine mobile apps

Telemedicine mobile apps

We develop iOS, Android, and hybrid telemedicine mobile apps for startups and healthcare providers.

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Custom UI/UX design or UI kit

Custom UI/UX design or UI kit

Taking into account accessibility standards, we create a medical app design with a consistent information architecture and smooth animations. We carefully design all screens so your app is convenient and easy for doctors and patients to use. To speed up the launch, we can use ready-made UI kits that can be adapted to your existing brand guidelines.

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Software integration

Software integration

We can integrate your telehealth app with your existing electronic health record (EHR) software to enrich your system with new features. On the other hand, your telemedicine app can be a standalone system with its own CRM/EMR features, practice management, video consulting, scheduling, and other features.

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Data protection

Data protection

The most important part of healthcare mobile app development is data protection. All data shared and stored within your app should be fully encrypted. We store data according to medical requirements of HIPAA, the FDA, and GDPR.

Key features

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    Staff and Patient Profiles

  • Appointment scheduling icon

    Appointment scheduling

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    Video conferencing

  • Payments icon


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    EHR Integration

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    Medical Records

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    Push Notifications

Steps to developing your healthcare solution

Step 1

Participate in a workshop to uncover your business processes and required user roles

Step 2

Conduct R&D and define the medical standards and regulations to which your app will be subject

Step 3

 Choose the technology stack and UI approach that best meet your project requirements

Step 4

Use iterative development and an Agile methodology to decrease time to market and get user feedback

Book a workshop

Book a workshop with our team and start developing your telemedicine app.

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Frequently asked questions  

We’re open to running a workshop to find out the details of your business model and the business processes you want to facilitate with your software. After that, we’ll make an offer for developing your app. This offer will include the tech stack, time required for development, and budget.

We believe every telehealth app should be tailored to a company’s business logic, so there’s no sense in using an off-the-shelf solution. That said, we have a lot of tools we’ve developed that help us quickly assemble a solution tailored to your business needs.

We cooperate with a pool of medical and legal consultants from different countries who assist us in validating our clients’ products. We can also work with your own consultants to validate your product if you wish. 

At Steelkiwi, we provide cost-effective and competitive pricing. The cost of developing a telemedicine app entirely depends on the number of features you require and the complexity of those features. You can send us a request to get a rough estimate for your project. 

A telehealth app allows healthcare providers and doctors to manage patients and appointments, conduct telehealth video calls, manage care plans, answer patient questions, and do a whole lot more.

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what do you want to talk about